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28 Nov 2022 • 12:04 PM

IB Challenge


iLimits offers the IB Challenging Promo to its IB network based on every deposit that falls under an IB - These can be first time deposit or redeposit.

The following Requirements & Rewards List would apply:

Net Deposit (USD) Target Lot Target Client Prizes
$1,000 10 5 TWS Bluetooth earphone Sony WF-XB700 or Smartphone Realme C21 equivalent to 100 - 150 USD
$2,500 25 10 Apple Watch / HP Laptop equivalent to 250-300 USD
$5,000 50 15 Acer Aspire 5 Slim A514 i3 1115G4 or Dell Vostro 3400 equivalent to 500 USD
$10,000 100 20 iPhone 13 or ROG Phone the equivalent to 1000 USD
$20,000 200 25 Apple MacBook pro or Motorcycle equivalent to 2000 USD
$30,000 300 30 Travelling Package to Turkey for 2 person equivalent to 3000 US
$50,000 500 35 Travelling Package to USA for 2 person equivalent to 5000 USD
$60,000 600 40 Travelling Package to East Europe for 4 person equivalent to 6,000 USD
$80,000 800 45 Rolex (max $8,000) or Car equivalent to 8,000 USD
$100,000 1000 50 A Voucher for an IB office rent or renovation or Car Equivalent to 10,000 USD

IB Challenge Terms & Conditions:

  1. This Mission Challenge runs from from 1st July – 30st September 2023
  2. This Mission Challenge is only applicable to the IBs & clients that have registered under iLimits
  3. In order to be eligible for this Challenge , the Client must satisfy each of the following


    The IB’s should have the minimum client target based on the requirements listed above


    The IB’s clients need to trade the corresponding lots based on the requirements listed above


    The IB’s can only claim their exclusive rewards after the above criteria have been me


    The IB’s will get their prize based on their achievement listed above


    The Client must have authorised an application to iLimits for these Offers


    The Client must provide true and accurate details and information in connection with these Offers, including but not limited to the Client’s telephone and contact details


    The Client must not be an employee or partner of iLimits


    The Client must not be associated with any person who has participated in Abusive Behaviour in relation to any other offer or promotion made by iLimits
  4. These Offers, and the retention of the Offers by the Client, are conditional and based on the Client complying with the iLimits Trading Terms and Conditions, as well as, on the Client meeting the fol - lowing conditions at all times:


    The Client acts in good faith in relation to these Offers


    The Client does not participate in any abuse, improper conduct, or attempted abuse or im - proper conduct in relation to these Offers or, in either case, any previous abuse or improper conduct in relation to a previous Offer or promotion by the Client


    Abusive Behaviour includes the following:


    Giving instructions on behalf of a Client without due or proper authority including copy trading;


    Repeatedly failing to respond to an email for a period of 15 days or more;


    The Client, by himself/herself or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker), constructing a trading position or positions which have the purpose or effect of extracting the credit provided, and/or the profits generated by the Bonus, without exposure to economic risk, including without limitation loss of the Bonus or the Client's capital (or the capital of others);

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